In this new era, Startups are one of the key potentials for Economic System. If you want to learn the procedures & build a successful Startup, there is no other way to be acquainted to Innovation & Advanced Business Eco-system formation. Startup Khulna always focuses on creating better eco-system for the Startups Startup Khulna is a platform to make a startup successful. The only way to solve the poverty and job crisis in an economy like Bangladesh is establishing more business and startups. As the Govt. is going for vision 2041,we should also get ready for more challenges to face a new economy


To create economic opportunity in Khulna city by mobilizing the next generation of entrepreneurs and equipping them with the skills and resources they need to create the startup successful.


In Bangladesh startups are challenging the frontiers of the new business world. Few will be able to expand on a global level. Startup Khulna aims to make winning startups in the global market and bring new value to the world .We will create successful, cutting-edge startups and empower Khulna’s startup ecosystem.